Code of Conduct

  1. CityLAB is an open place of cooperation, exchange and learning. Here, people should feel comfortable and be able to work together productively regardless of age, gender, appearance, sexual orientation, physical or mental impairments, skin colour, origin or religion.
  2. We do not tolerate any form of discriminatory behaviour, insult, intimidation, sexism, stalking, etc., either on our premises or on our online channels. If you are affected by such behaviour, please contact a member of the CityLAB team immediately.
  3. CityLAB is not a service provider, but instead lives from the active commitment of all participants. Together we ensure that a pleasant working atmosphere is created. Those who use workplaces, workshop or event rooms must ensure that they are left in good order. Please also bear in mind that our rooms are subject to strict historic preservation regulations. Accordingly, permanent or irreversible modifications to the premises are strictly prohibited.
  4. If you are planning public events or project work with larger groups, please provide sufficient notice to our coordination team. Please observe the safety and fire regulations. You are responsible for the behaviour of your guests.
  5. We reserve the right to exclude persons who violate this code from the use of the rooms.