Supported project

Dialogstarter was a funding project of CityLAB Berlin, supported by funds from the Senate Chancellery.

What was the issue?

The Dialogstarter project aims to bring deaf and hearing people in contact with each other. You cannot tell whether people are deaf or hearing, so approaching and talking to each other in mixed groups is unconventional. Many hearing people do not know sign language and have little experience or insight into Deaf culture. For deaf people, it is at times interesting to expand their circle of people they know, to make professional contacts and network in meet-up situations, or simply to exchange ideas with work colleagues in an uncomplicated way over lunch.

The Dialogstarter project developed approaches and objects in joint co-design processes that dealt with bringing together different language cultures in a playful way.

What where the goals?

Collaboratively develop tools and neat gimmicks to facilitate conversation starters between deaf and hearing people. Promote mixed events. Test interactions.


Daniel Wessolek