Direkte Demokratie digital

Expedition Grundeinkommen

Supported project

What’s the point?

In the project „Direkte Demokratie digital“, we’re developing a reference implementation for an online tool for direct-democratic initiatives, which will include a digital interface between the platform where initiatives are hosted and the digital administration that processes these initiatives.

We want to make sure that this platform will be ready to interact with digital joint signing procedures within the city administration in the future.
Thus, in this project we want to determine requirements and demands on the side of the city administration as well as civil society in order to demonstrate prototypically where these two spheres can be connected in a useful way, and what opportunities and limitations exist.

What are the next steps?

– Identifying technological obstacles. Result: Catalogue of requirements.
– Assessing the needs of initiatives within workshops. Result: Catalogue of requirements.
– Development of a reference implementation/prototypes User tests. Result: Test results.
– Adapting development based on user feedbacks

How can I participate?

We are planning to organize multiple workshops between March and July 2021 with people interested in direct democracy and digital joint signing procedures.
Curious? Feel free to contact:


In cooperation with CityLAB Berlin, funded by the Senate Chancellery.