Fraunhofer FOKUS

What’s the point?

Instead of digging its way through Berlin’s digital offerings, the Kiez radar app will proactively inform citizens about important political and administrative events in the future. This should make participation as simple as possible.

What are the next steps?

Relevant application scenarios and requirements for the KiezRadar app will be determined together with the future users*. In the CityLAB Berlin different operating and communication concepts will be tested on prototypes. In the end, an executable beta version is to be developed.

How can I join in?

In the course of the project, various participatory workshops will take place at CityLAB Berlin, at which we will discuss with citizens* their wishes, goals or expectations of such an app and jointly develop initial proposals for solutions and visions. The workshop dates are communicated regularly on the CityLAB events page.


Susanna Kuper