Algorithmische Stadtvisionen

CityLAB (A Technologiestiftung Berlin Project)/Birds on Mars

Project completed

What’s the point?

How the city of the future will look can also be tested with the help of intelligent systems: The city vision project uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for architecture and urban planning. A neural network is trained with the help of a self-generated data set from around 10,000 city maps. On this basis, the AI system creates its own fictitious city designs.

Next steps?

The first city visions developed are already being visualized using a hardware plotter in the CityLAB exhibition. Currently, further training of the network and the parallel development of a screen-based application is taking place. Through an interactive interface, the abstract topic of artificial intelligence is to be experienced by visitors.

How can I join in?

CityLAB Berlin and Birds on Mars organize a regular “AI for Berlin” workshop series to put concrete ideas on AI and city into practice. From brainstorming and conception to prototyping, design and implementation, intelligent solutions for Berlin are worked on in individual sessions in interdisciplinary and open teams. No matter whether you already have a concrete idea that you would like to contribute, are Python enthusiastic or simply want to take the opportunity to experience the pulse of time as an enthusiast* – the sessions are open to everyone and will be announced on the CityLAB website.


Fabian Morón Zirfas, Florian Dohmann (Birds on Mars)