Urban Care

Building Health Lab

What’s the point?

UrbanCare by BHL is a web-based open government platform to ensure a positive and high quality experience for pedestrians walking Berlin’s streets. The platform is designed to point decision-makers right to the local barriers and measures to improve urban walkability.

Our goal

This digital platform supports 1) citizens to pin pedestrian obstacles, 2) industry to offer climate friendly and socially inclusive solutions; and 3) planning officers to manage street projects efficiently.

Next steps?

We currently develop the conceptual framework and a user-friendly, interactive digital platform. On top of safety, it includes other factors such as comfort, amenities, and visual structure which affect quality of life for pedestrians. Our next step is to develop this framework into a digital platform and start a testing phase in one of Berlin’s burroughs. We plan to work closely together with communities and stakeholders to implement this open government platform. Everyone, from city administrators to students, are invited to structure a case with us. To analyze the most relevant barriers for walking and access to a healthier lifestyle in your neighborhood.