CityLAB@Smart Country Convention

Trade show for the digitalization of the public sector

October 18 – 20, 2022 / hub27, Messegelände Berlin

Digitalize public services – in Berlin, too!

The Smart Country Convention (SCCON) opens its doors this fall – and we’ll be in on the action once again! SCCON is a trade show on the topic of e-government and smart city issues. We look forward to meeting people and ideas from administration, politics, science and the digital economy. The trade show will look at key technologies and how they impact on processes and the way we are able to deal with challenges posed by digitalization and sustainable strategies.

SCCON defines digitalization as the “key to smart connectivity in the public space” and aims to connect stakeholders in companies, institutions and organizations currently involved in the digitalization of the public sector. The stated goal: make the speed of innovation visible.

Together with the team of the Gemeinsam Digital unit at the Berlin Senate Chancellery, we will be presenting the developments produced by Smart City Berlin as well as our own project on citizen centers. Our main aim will be to seek out dialog so as to share ideas and experience. 

The trade show is open to the public. Tickets are available free of charge up to September 30, 2022. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Registration required