Purposeful Coding

Shopping via app, communicating via smartphone or quickly using car sharing with just a few clicks. Digital applications have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, or in short: the world runs on code.

What is already commonplace in the private sector is usually searched for in vain in the public sector. While in the analog world you can rely on a public infrastructure, roads, public buildings or a sewerage system are freely available, in the digital world you usually have to resort to commercial providers.

This is where organizations like CityLAB Berlin come in, with the mission of harnessing the potential of digitization for the common good.

  • But what does it mean to code for the common good?
  • How are issues and attitudes such as sustainability, positive impact and the culture of sharing expressed in the development of software?
  • And how can data be used for the community?

At our Developer Meetup at CityLAB Berlin, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our developers’ team and other guests from the field, ask them questions, and gain insights into their work and projects.

We will give practical advice on how to jointly develop good software for the common good, what is behind the motto “Public Money – Public Code” and why coding is also a political issue.

What can you expect?

Introduction CityLAB Berlin:

“Public Money, Public Code” is one of the principles of the City of Berlin’s non-profit innovation lab. We will show what we do and how we do it with example projects.

Working with Open Data:

The team of the Open Data Information Service (ODIS) takes you on a data safari and shows you how to find and work with exciting data sets.

Project presentation Code for Germany:

Code for Germany is a network of Open Government experts who work as volunteer urban developers for a sustainable digital transformation in politics and administration. Knut Höhe will give us insights into their work.

Project presentation Time of Solidarity:

Homeless census digital, simple, data protection compliant – is it possible? Balint Vojtonovszki from the Association for Social-Cultural Work will introduce you to this exciting challenge.

Networking & relaxed open-end

What have you always wanted to ask us? Whether it’s career tips, project-related questions or a specific request – we are ready with an open ear.

The event will be held in German and requires no prior knowledge. Catering in the form of snacks and drinks will be provided. The number of participants is limited, we ask all interested parties to register by sending an e-mail to .

The Developer Meetup is part of the series of events on the Open Source action field of the “Volunteer Capital Berlin” campaign, with which CityLAB is highlighting the many facets surrounding the topic of open source.

Hygiene measures:

Please note that the “3G Corona Rule” applies to our event. This means you must either be vaccinated, recovered or tested to participate in the event. So please do not forget to present either your vaccination card, a certificate of recovery, a valid rapid antigen test result (maximum 24 hours old) or a PCR test result (maximum 48 hours old). If you notice symptoms on the day of the event that could indicate an infection with the Corona virus, we ask you not to participate in the event on site. We will keep you informed of any changes to the regulations via our website.



CityLAB Berlin


2021-10-20, 18-20 Uhr


Platz der Luftbrücke 4, 12101 Berlin


030 95 99 96 410

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