Hacking Box goes CityLAB

Technologiestiftung Berlin

What’s the point?

We open the black boxes of smart everyday devices and show that digital hardware can be used creatively and self-determined. For this purpose, we lend out individually assembled hardware boxes for school projects, workshops, seminars, hackathons, etc. in Berlin and the surrounding area and advise in the planning of your own hardware projects. In addition, we provide exemplary application examples on current topics of the digital urban society. By moving the lending of the Hacking Box to CityLAB, we have created a permanent offer for the local community and contribute accordingly to expansion and networking.

What happened so far?

Last year we were again able to welcome a number of new borrowers to CityLAB, who were able to expand their digital services with the help of the Hacking Box. For example, the Treptow-Köpenick City Library, which used our instructions for the construction of a casting plant including hardware for the design of a workshop as part of its “Digital Education Weeks”. Or the students of the study course “Arbeitslehre” at the TU Berlin, who built an interactive food pyramid, which plays back previously recorded texts with information on nutritional value when touching certain fruits and vegetables (or even sweets). The Hacking Box also served as an enabler in some of our workshops, such as “Prototype Your Future City! We hope that the range of these and other examples will encourage potential users to develop their own digital formats.

How can I join in?

Check out our Microsite about the Hacking Box, which projects can be realized with it and of course how you can borrow it! We also document news about projects around the Hacking Box on the blog of the Techbologiestiftung Berlin. We are happy to share the experiences of the last years from the project and show how the material expenditure for hardware can be kept within limits. And who knows – maybe this will lead to more loan requests in Berlin, the next hackathon or the brand new coding club at your school! Feel free to talk to us.


Carolin Clausnitzer