Public design

Handbook for working innovatively in public administration

What’s in the book?

An introduction into innovative work

The book enables you to quickly and easily put new, effective working methods into practice. It provides the necessary basics for developing results-oriented, needs-based public innovations, regardless of whether these innovations are visible products and services or invisible structures and processes.

A step-by-step overview

The book guides you through the different phases of an innovation process that has been specifically designed with public administrations in mind. From preparation and team building, to research and brainstorming, to the development and testing of suitable solutions, the book offers a step-by-step guide on how to work in a way that is both impact- and evidence-based.

Comprehensive collection of methods

One major component of the book is its extensive collection of templates and working documents tailored to the needs of public administrations. They explain various innovation methods, describe what is needed to apply these methods, detail how to actually implement these methods, and highlight what results can be expected.

Do-it-yourself instructions

The book is aimed at people who work in or with public administrations and organisations. It contains the necessary tools to be able to carry out innovation processes independently and without external help. We have made sure that this book is self-explanatory and enables people to act based on their own initiative.

The book’s approach

Understanding the status quo, revealing blind spots, generating target knowledge, developing for the common good

Qualitative and quantitative research, proceeding empathically, transforming affected groups into active participants

Decision making based on data and findings from theory and practice, thinking and acting critically

Visualization, prototyping, testing, error tolerance, iterative processes, experimental space

Interdisciplinary or interdepartmental cooperation, generating understanding between different fields of expertise, diversity through accessibility

Joint knowledge generation, structured involvement of various groups of stakeholders in the development process

Public designers

The handbook is the result of a collaboration between CityLAB Berlin and Politics for Tomorrow.

Joshua Pacheco
Benjamin Seibel

Caroline Paulick-Thiel und
Henrike Arlt mit
Bettina Köbler

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