Co-working fellowships at CityLAB Berlin

Do you want to use a co-working space in CityLAB? Here are some things you should know:
  1. The CityLAB is not a classic co-working space. At CityLAB we work on innovative solutions for a better city on a project basis. In order to use the co-working spaces, it is a prerequisite that you are pursuing your own project related to our subject areas. If you do not yet have your own project idea, we are happy to work together on how you can bring your skills to bear with us in a meaningful way.
  2. All co-workers should actively participate in the CityLAB. Specifically, this means that you present your project publicly at the beginning and at the end. In addition, we would like you to organize one or more meetups or workshops during the project period in which you can bring your work closer to others. Of course, we would be happy if you have any further ideas. Our conference, event and exhibition rooms and the workshop are open to all co-workers.
  3. The use of co-working is free of charge, but limited to the duration of your project (usually between one and six months).
  4. We are not giving out more places than we have. Nevertheless, it can happen that the co-working places are not available on some days (e.g. due to events).
  5. The CityLAB is publicly funded and non-profit. Therefore, the use of co-working is reserved for charitable purposes.
  6. Observe our Code of Conduct.