Back to the Future 2030: A roadmap to sustainable travels

6.02.2020, 6-9 pm, CityLAB Eventspace

What a day in 2030 will look like in the context of urban mobility? In 2016, an estimated 54.5% of the world’s population lived in urban settlements. By 2030, urban areas are projected to house 60% of people globally. As this reality of fast population growth takes place, so does the need to transport more and more of these residents throughout the city.

With this perspective in mind, Plan A, in partnership with CityLAB Berlin are taking you on a journey Back to the Future. We are bringing together some of the finest minds in Berlin to discuss what the future of urban mobility holds for us and how we are getting there. Challenging green solutions available today in different fields from transportation to urban planning, assess Government’s support in the creation of this sustainable roadmap, unfolding all the information under the umbrella of data science, Back to the Future will link all roles from the different agents of change and deliver the promising scenario of how a day in 2030 will look like.

Our guest speakers come from 3 different stakeholders – NGO, Government, and Startups, to unravel topics such as accessibility, public infrastructure, urbanization and micro-mobility. As always, expect a strong focus on sustainable innovation and positive solutions!

18:00 Doors opening
18:40 Introductions
Lubomila Jordanova | CEO and founder at Plan A
Dr. Benjamin Seibel | CityLAB
19:00 Panel Talk
Georg Kössler | Green Member of the Berlin State Parliament
Jonas Schorr | Co-founder at Urban Impact
Victoria Boeck | Open Data researcher at Technologiestiftung Berlin
Lubomila Jordanova | CEO and founder at Plan A
20:00 Network Session
21:00 Conclusion



Plan A & CityLAB


6.02.2020, 6 Uhr



Platz der Luftbrücke 4, Gebäude H2rund, 12101 Berlin


030 95 999 6410

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