Berlin Science Week: Berlin’s Path to a Circular City

07.11.2019, 6-9 pm - CityLAB Event space

This event is part of the global “Circular Cities Week”, in which more than 100 cities across the globe will host multi-stakeholder events with the aim of encouraging the implementation of the circular economy (global event).

Circular Berlin will collaborate with the CityLAB Berlin to highlight what other cities are doing to build up their circular economies and to discuss in which sectors Berlin is best positioned to advance its own circular economy and who the city needs to engage to make this transformation possible.
Join us to create a circular economy roadmap for Berlin!

Join the CityLAB exhibition on the wonderful project with the open data in Berlin: Your first step to understanding how access to data can help understand Berlin future urban transformation.

Circular economy in Berlin and the role of open date to facilitate the circular economy road map (Introduction from CityLAB and Circular Berlin).

The circular economy on a city level: 3 examples of city-led implementation of a circular economy.
Nicole Ludwig (Member of the Berlin Parliament, Green party, Spokesperson for economy and sports) – Title TBA
Maria Loloni (Climate-KIC) – Examples from cities in the Climate KIC Network on developing circular economy agendas.
Isabel Ordonez (Circular Berlin) – Cirkulära Göteborg, an initiative from the Municipality of Gothenburg to transform their local economy with measures on public procurement, supporting local repair and sharing initiatives.

Berlin status quo and approach for roadmap: Join us to co-design roadmap, applying circular economy approach on such system as Berlin city.

Time to chat and network!

This event is part of Berlin Science Week 2019.

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