Navigating Berlin’s Open Data Landscape

27.08.2019, 6.30 - 8.30 pm, CityLAB Event space

Where do I find the data I need?

Ever needed data on the city of Berlin for a project or a product? Maybe you’ve looked for population statistics, or geospatial data on buildings in Berlin, or perhaps a dataset of how much solar energy the city is currently producing? Berlin has a sizeable offering of open government data – that is, data from that government that is free to use for any purpose – which is constantly growing and improving, but many people have no idea that this data exists or where to look for it.

This event will introduce attendees to official sources of open data from and about Berlin, such as statistical data and geospatial data. We’ll show you a little bit about how to use these sites (German knowledge will be helpful here, but we’ll try to make it clear even if you don’t speak German) and highlight some of the datasets available on them. At the end, we’ll also open up the conversation to hear from you what your current data needs in Berlin are and discuss the role Berlin’s government can play in making that data available.

Whether you work for a startup, are a researcher, are a civic tech activist or just like to play around with data in your spare time, there will be something for everyone in this workshop.

**The slides for this event can be viewed here.**



Open Data Informationsstelle (ODIS)


27.08.2019, 6.30 Uhr



Platz der Luftbrücke 4, Gebäude H2rund, 12101 Berlin


(+49) 30 209 69 99 41

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