Call-To-Action: Hardware-Flea market 2.0 Berlin

The very special flea market!

08.09.2019, 11-16 h, CityLAB Foyer

What’s the point?

Does it sound familiar: after spring cleaning in the hardware cabinet, you’ve ended up with a box of wonderful hardware components looking for a new purpose? You are already thinking of what you need for new projects, but you also want to be sustainable? For these situations we want to offer a platform for all eager makers and in the process exchange ideas about upcycling and repairing. After our warm-up in June we are now calling towards the first edition of the flea market, which is going to take place on September 8th at CityLAB Berlin.

Dear potential booth providers!

Without your participation the flea market will not be possible! Apply with your small or large pool of (digital) hardware using the form below. We are aiming to provide as much space as possible and for free. Also, if you have a cool hardware project in stock and would like to present, let us know. Let’s do this!

Dear sustainable project makers!

We are also providing best practice slots in the afternoon to highlight sustainable projects in Berlin, so let us know about your mission! We are looking forward to hearing more about you and your project/ initiative. Get in touch with us through the form below. Yay!

Dear visitors!

Come by, take a look and enjoy hardware and good conversations! Also, you never know when you will find that missing piece for your next project! On this occasion, you can also take a look behind the venerable walls of the brand new CityLAB Berlin in the former officers‘ hotel on the day of the open monument. The exhibition is open on this day and snacks & drinks will be available.

Dear community!

We are extremely happy about every helper from the community, who will move a few tables, attach signs with us or supports us otherwise. Just let us know, if you are eager to help. bildung(at)



Technologiestiftung Berlin


08.09.2019, 11-16 Uhr



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