Systems Thinking Workshop

for Urban Innovation

21.11.2019, 18-21 Uhr, CityLAB Eventraum

With more than half of the world population living in cities and the continuous urban growth, the future development of urban spaces will determine our success or failure in achieving global development goals like the UN Sustainable Development Goals. But achieving positive change within the urban contexts is all but easy. The environmental, social and economic aspects of the city are highly interdependent, uncertain and impossible to control. In short, the city is a complex system.

Take housing for example. While building new homes increases the housing supply and might positively affect rental prices in the short term, it also decreases the amount of land available for development and could increase land speculation and prices in the long term. Low rental prices can halt the displacement of low-income households but might increase the city attractiveness, foster urban migration and increase housing demand. In a complex system, it is almost impossible to address one problem without changing other parts of the system.

For that reason we want to introduce Systems Thinking; a set of tools and methods to gain a bigger picture understanding and improve our learning in and about complex systems. Within the major part of the Meetup, we will run a participatory modelling session to explore Affordable Housing in Berlin and develop a first Systems Map to gain a better understanding of the current dynamics within the housing sector.


| Doors open

| Introduction

| Playing with Systems I

| Systems Thinking and the Urban
A brief introduction to Systems Thinking and Systems Modelling and their potential for Urban Management

| Participatory Systems Mapping
Facilitated modelling in groups to discuss Affordable Housing in Berlin and develop a systemic picture of the current context in the form of a Systems Map

| Playing with Systems II

| Closing & Wrap-Up

We aim for an interactive session. Therefore, seats are limited to 24 participants. The Meetup will be held in English.



Systemic Design Group


21.11.2019, 18-21 Uhr


Platz der Luftbrücke 4, Gebäude H2rund, 12101 Berlin


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