Trainhack 2019: Malmö – Berlin


16.08.2019, 8 am-12 pm - CityLAB

Developers from across Sweden will embark on a journey aimed at improving public transportation and promoting #trainfirst

The theme for this year’s hackathon is #trainfirst which focuses on the ways technology can help travelers pick and prioritize sustainable travel whenever possible, or in other words, trains not planes (or cars for that matter ).

In mid August a wagon full of developers will take a train ride from Malmö to Berlin, which will mark the first time Trainhack leaves Sweden and heads to the heart of Europe.

After spending a full day in Berlin the developers will head back to Malmö where the projects will be finalized and presented.

Examples of apps and services that can be developed at Trainhack

– An app/site that finds the best ticket price. – A game that is about trains or is best played on train. – The most awsome traffic supervision system and the best presentation of the traffic status. – An IoT solution for traffic information. – Find cool ways to use GTFS (The General Transit Feed Specification). GTFS defines a common format for public transportation, timetables with geographical information, that can be used to make programs that use the data in a compatible way. – All of the above is just an inspiration, everyone is encouraged to make their own project happen!