Summer School 2022

Open, experimental and interdisciplinary

Final presentation: 22.09.2022, September 22, 2022, 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., CityLAB Berlin

Summer School 2022

Open Source meets the Green Wave

This is what we plan to do this year:

This year’s Summer School calls for an inquiring mind – without a speed limit. Our motto is: open source meets perfectly phased traffic lights (“Green Wave”) – no more stopping at Kottbusser Tor. 

In the CityLAB environment, there are already some exciting projects engaged in innovative work in this area. This includes the Reallabor Radbahn project, a living lab that is testing solutions for the city of the future directly under the viaduct at Görlitzer Bahnhof – the perfect challenge setters for this year’s Summer School!

The challenge to students: we want to get together with you to develop the Green Wave Assistant “Kottiflow”. Efficiently phased traffic lights (the so-called “Green Wave”) help road users get where they’re going more smoothly and safely. Leezenflow is a system of this kind that has proved successful in Münster. With the help of workshops and keynote talks, we want to try this in Berlin, too – 

drawing on methods such as physical computing, machine learning on microcontrollers, and living labs, as well as the momentum of the Smart City strategy and much more besides. Together with HTW, TU Berlin and the living lab Radbahn, we want to enable efficiently phased traffic lights in Berlin.

The final presentation was open to the public and took place on our premises at CityLAB, so please sign up for it by e-mail.

Registration via e-mail required