AI for Berlin

CityLAB (A Technologiestiftung Berlin Project)/Birds on Mars

What was the issue?

In recent years, we’ve been able to see the potential of AI technologies demonstrated in a number of diverse areas, and in some of these cases, we’ve even seen that AI can significantly outperform human capabilities. Since urban areas are facing particularly significant challenges – as well as opportunities – , we wanted to use a long-running series of workshops to explore the possible benefits of AI for Berlin and integrate these benefits into real, sustainable implementation projects. Here, interdisciplinary thinking and curiosity play just as important a role as technical skills.

What did you do?

After ideas were collected and prioritized in the first workshop (November 2019), approximately 3 ideas were further developed in the second part (March 3, 2020) with regard to their feasibility and implementation. For this purpose, the teams went in search of data pots, models, success factors and contact persons. In further workshops, prototypes were developed, which were improved over several iteration loops.

Due to the pandemic, the ideas could not be continued after the workshop.


Nadine Riede

Florian Dohmann (Birds on Mars)