CityLAB Roadshow

What’s the issue?

The roadshow is a series of events organized by CityLAB Berlin where it pays visits to Senate and District administrations, provides information about CityLAB Berlin, presents successful projects, and gains a more in-depth understanding of the challenges posed by digitalization in day-to-day administration.

Administration employees have the opportunity to find out about CityLAB Berlin’s mission, vision and tasks while at the same time contributing challenges of their own from their day-to-day work. Potential points of reference for joint projects are identified and administrators are made more aware of the work being done by CityLAB Berlin.

How will the whole thing work?

In the period from early March to November 2022, CityLAB Berlin will pay visits to various administrations. The first hour is dedicated to a presentation of the Lab and its projects – both completed and ongoing. The second hour is for individual coaching, answering participants’ questions and providing insights into agile working methods.

If you’re interested in having us visit your administration, please fill out our questionnaire. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Roadshow Flyer


Project Manager: Tobias Witt