Digital Government Workshop

CityLAB, Senate Department for the Interior and Sports

Help shape your local administration!

Many services from the city government require filling out a form, such as to request a marriage or birth certificate. But the language and presentation of these forms can pose challenges for citizens. CityLAB Berlin and the Senate Department for the Interior and Sports (SenInnDS) have asked themselves: how can government forms for citizen services be made more user friendly and overall easier to understand? The answer: ask Berliners themselves!

Together with SenInnDS, CityLAB is organizing a series of online workshops from October 5-7. The goal of these workshops is to work with citizens to test out forms, gather feedback on them, and collaboratively generate ideas for how these forms can be made more user friendly and understandable. The Senate Department will use the insights from these workshops to optimize current and future forms.

Register your interest

All Berliners interested in participating in the workshops are warmly invited to communicate their interest to us via this online form:

To the form

Please note that because the workshops will be held in German, the form is only available in German. However, non-native speakers of German are highly welcome to participate in the workshops. You don’t need to speak perfect German to participate!

Because we want to assemble as diverse a group of Berliners as possible for these workshops, we’re asking those interested in participating to tell us a bit about themselves in the form (e.g., their age grouping, digital skills, family situation, etc.). This information will only be used to form groups (to ensure our workshop groups aren’t too homogenous or that certain types of people are overrepresented) and will be handled in a sensitive, data protection-conforming manner.

To learn more about the Senate Department’s online services, see or the Serviceportal Berlin,



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