Open Traffic Count

Project completed

What was the issue?

Counting cars, bicycles and pedestrians in traffic in real time, at low cost and in compliance with strict data protection regulations – newer methods of machine learning make this possible. However, empirically valid and meaningful evaluations of such systems in everyday urban life are still lacking. With a grant from the BMVI mFund, OpenTrafficCount tested the application of a counting system developed from open source components at various locations in the Berlin city area.


The project was completed at the beginning of 2021. The findings have been captured in the research paper “Privacy-centered data-driven innovation in the smart city. Exemplary use case of traffic counting”:

How can I join in?

All open source hardware and software components for privacy-compliant traffic counting and for building the system yourself can be found here.

Who was involved?

HTW Berlin

Reach Now

Technologiestiftung Berlin


Christian J. Larsen