LABissage #2

A review in pictures

By Nora Eilers

The CityLAB would not be the same without its exhibition. Here, at Platz der Luftbrücke 4, all the features that characterise the CityLAB come together: completed projects, new prototypes, current ideas and inspiring things that make you think. This year, three new exhibits have been added to our exhibition, which we have taken as an opportunity to celebrate together with you. During our LABissage #2, we not only presented the exhibits, but also our new audio guide, gave a tour of our redesigned foyer and provided an insight into the Kiezlabor’s first tour through the various neighbourhoods of Berlin. In this photo review, we want to share with you an insight into the various tours and reminisce together.

Begrüßung zur LABissage am 7. Dezember 2023
A warm Welcome to the LABissage by our event and content manager Sarah Lebkücher.
Catering bei der LABissage im CityLAB
The catering under the motto “Cheese” was impressive.
Führung in der Ausstellung bei der LABissage im CityLAB
The guided tour of the exhibition was one of the highlights of the evening.

The Foyer: Methods to go

At CityLAB, we support employees of the Berlin administration in structuring innovation processes. Our focus is on supporting them in the development of digital processes and products that centre on the benefits for citizens. We test different methods and tools in workshops, training sessions and through joint dialogue. Our aim is to use the “train-the-trainer” approach to provide the tools to enable long-term and sustainable transformations of administrative processes. In our CityLAB foyer, we present the various phases of an innovation process on display walls. Through practical examples, we provide insights into how we apply the methods not only in theory, but also in our daily work. Our “Wissensspeicher” (knowledge repository) bundles these methods and provides easy access to our range of services, approaches and tools – open source-ready for direct download. It is also a growing repository, because we learn something new every day!

Führung im Foyer bei der LABissage im CityLAB
Our colleagues Jenny Huang and Tori Boeck gave a tour of the foyer and explained the various phases of an innovation process.
Führung im Foyer bei der LABissage im CityLAB
From preparing to testing a prototype – the methods are explained using a practical example from CityLAB’s day-to-day work.
Führung im Foyer bei der LABissage im CityLAB
Even if it was sometimes tight, we found a place for all our guests.

The Exhibition

In addition to our redesigned foyer, three more exhibits have moved into our exhibition, which we presented at our LABissage #2 and briefly introduce to you here:

  1. Hilf-Mir.Berlin: In collaboration with the Senate Department for Science, Health and Care (SenWGP), CityLAB has developed a digital platform with the aim of helping people in problematic life situations to find suitable contacts with as few clicks as necessary. The result is the digital guide Hilf-Mir.Berlin, which for the first time offers a barrier-free and clear presentation of over 230 counselling facilities and can be filtered according to various topic keywords.
  2. The Chatbot “Public Design”: We have transformed our service design standard work, the “Public Design” handbook, into an AI chatbot that can make the handbook’s collective knowledge available in a matter of seconds. This can range from general questions about the handbook, such as “What does the handbook help me with?” or “What are the phases presented in the handbook?” to questions that arise from a specific need, such as “What do I need to consider when preparing a workshop?” or “Which methods are suitable for brainstorming ideas?
  3. The Kiezbot: At CityLAB, we don’t just focus on innovative methodological approaches, but also on the latest technological developments that can help drive forward the digitalisation of administration in Berlin. The hype surrounding the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) has of course not gone unnoticed at CityLAB and we have experimented with AI. This has resulted in various applications, including our Kiezbot, in which we let a voice AI take on three different roles. The cheeky Currywurst Ernst has even made it into an article in the Tagesspiegel!

In addition, our colleague and project manager Myrian Rigal reported on the Quantified Trees project (QTrees for short). In the project, CityLAB, together with Birds on Mars and the Technologiestiftung Berlin, asked the question: Can artificial intelligence support the irrigation and care of urban trees? The answer is yes! Among other things, the project has created an application based on a specially developed AI forecasting model that, in addition to the Baumblick app, has developed an expert dashboard that can support districts in the irrigation of urban trees by using the forecast.

Führung in der Ausstellung bei der LABissage im CityLAB
Myrian Rigal explains the Qtrees project.
volle Ausstellung während der LABissage im CityLAB
Enthusiastic trying out in our exhibition.
Führung in der Ausstellung während der LABissage im CityLAB
The LABissage brings the CityLAB team together! Many team members lead through the evening at different points!
Führung in der Ausstellung während der LABissage im CityLAB
Yannick Müller gives a guided tour of the exhibition.

Special exhibition Kiezlabor

The year 2023 was marked by a special event in the CityLAB calendar: the opening of our Kiezlabor! The Kiezlabor is a project implemented by CityLAB as part of the Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin strategy. Under the motto “Without you, we’re just a container”, we turned an old shipping container into an energy self-sufficient tiny house. The plan? To bring our prototype approach to Berlin’s neighbourhoods together with you! You can find out how the first tour with five locations in different districts worked out in this annual review interview with the Kiezlabor team. At the LABissage, the team gave a tour of the various locations and shared insights from the first year on tour.

Flyer zum Mitnehmen in der Sonderausstellung Kiezlabor bei der LABissage im CityLAB
To get into the right mood, the Kiezlabor team spared no effort and brought the spirit of the container to life in the CityLAB rooms.
Sonderausstellung Kiezlabor bei der LABissage im CityLAB
This brings back memories of sunnier times!
Sonderausstellung Kiezlabor bei der LABissage im CityLAB
The various stations of the Kiezlabor were vividly presented with lots of visual material.
LABissage Sonderausstellung Kiezlabor
Anne Kruse guides the guests through the special exhibition of the Kiezlabor!
LABissage Sonderausstellung Kiezlabor Führung
Our guests are also welcome to contribute their own ideas!
LABissage Sonderausstellung Kiezlabor Führung
What will happen in 2024? The team already has lots of ideas! We are excited.

It was a fantastic evening and we are delighted to have so many guests! If you missed the opportunity to experience our LABissage #2, we cordially invite you to visit our exhibition. Come by and let our audio guide, in which team members themselves talk about their projects and provide exciting background information, guide you through our premises!