Summer School

CityLAB (ein Projekt der Technologiestiftung Berlin)

What is it about?

New technologies promise an improved understanding of spatial developments and communication processes. The Summer School examines the prerequisites and effects of new technologies on different aspects of “city”.

Next steps?

Summer School 2021: Lebensraum – Prototyping in der Smart City

What untapped potentials do closely interwoven, digitally supported, ecological and social systems offer? The goal is to use model projects from the environment of CityLAB Berlin to develop prototypes that create sustainable innovations. We are planning two virtual weeks in which experimental prototypes will build the smart city on three pillars:

  1. agile administration-designing citizen-friendly administrative processes and removing hurdles.
  2. designing participatory urban design processes that enable citizens to identify and name potentials and problems and to solve them with the help of digital tools.
  3. develop smart technology prototypes and think through the conscious, sustainable implementation of technical solutions.

What happened until now?

Summer School 2020: Your trip to the digital city

During the Summer School 2020, we not only collected and deepened technological knowledge, but also discussed structures and processes that are necessary for the implementation of modern, data-based planning decisions. Based on projects at Tempelhofer Feld, Potsdamer Platz and Lichtenberg together with scientists, experts and students from different universities, we researched how the implementation of technological innovations can be made more tangible. Partner organizations from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors provided us with data and presented challenges that Berlin and other metropolitan areas are currently facing. For two weeks, interdisciplinary teams worked together on these projects.

Video and website of the Summer School 2020

Summer School 2019: Data-driven Urban Innovation

Website of the Summer School 2019


Sara Reichert