A look into Berlin’s coffers

Living in Berlin generates a wide range of running costs – from teachers’ salaries and the expansion of daycare centers to the promotion of cultural institutions and affordable housing, the budget has a major impact on social life in the city. In addition, there are long-term investments to be made in technical and social infrastructure … Read more

The Bürgeramt of the Future – Part 1

The Bürgeramt of the Future – Part 1 How can Berliners get appointments at Bürgerämter – “citizen offices” – more quickly than is currently possible? What would a work station at a Bürgeramt of the future look like? Which workflows at the Bürgeramt for city employees in training could be optimized so as to get … Read more

Service design: Pursuing the path to the administration oasis

Service design: Pursuing the path to the administration oasis Imagine you need an administrative service, such as a document or permit, and everything goes quickly, smoothly – and tailored to your needs. This is exactly the scenario we mean when we talk about the “administration oasis” at CityLAB. At our summer event celebrating our third … Read more

CityLAB Summer Party: Summertime labness!

On June 30, 2022 we celebrated our third anniversary – and we did so in style! It was the first in-person summer party since we opened in 2019, and you showed us once again that we have the best community and work for the greatest city in the world! The Summer Party in numbers: 🥳 … Read more

Re:publica 2022: Presentati Berlin smart city pilot projects

The Berlin Senate Chancellery and CityLAB Berlin provided a presentation of their work at a joint booth at re:publica from June 8 to 10, 2022. In addition to the current status of the strategy “Gemeinsam Digital: Berlin”, the five pilot projects being run under the Berlin model project Smart City were showcased, two of which … Read more