Prototyping a Healthy City

Summer School 2023  For the fourth time in a row, CityLAB Berlin Summer School is took place this September. In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) and the Technical University of Berlin (TU), students worked on practical solutions for urban challenges and developed innovative prototypes during the ten-day Summer School. While Summer School … Read more

Our visit to the twin city of Jakarta

In June 2022, CityLAB Berlin received a delegation from Jakarta and Bangkok as part of the EuropeAid project “Smart Change”. The return visit to Jakarta was scheduled for two months later and CityLAB got to participate as well. What were the most intriguing insights and what was particularly memorable? Join us for a review of our trip!

A look into Berlin’s coffers

Living in Berlin generates a wide range of running costs – from teachers’ salaries and the expansion of daycare centers to the promotion of cultural institutions and affordable housing, the budget has a major impact on social life in the city. In addition, there are long-term investments to be made in technical and social infrastructure … Read more

The Bürgeramt of the Future – Part 1

The Bürgeramt of the Future – Part 1 How can Berliners get appointments at Bürgerämter – “citizen offices” – more quickly than is currently possible? What would a work station at a Bürgeramt of the future look like? Which workflows at the Bürgeramt for city employees in training could be optimized so as to get … Read more

CityLAB Project Days: Digitalization with a difference – Mall Anders!

By Yannick Müller Shaping the Smart City – In creative ways A few clothes racks, shelves and light fixtures were left over from the previous tenant of a store space in the Wilma-Arkaden shopping mall in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. These were repurposed as modular furniture, seating, display and work spaces. Based on an initiative pursued by the … Read more